Waterbeds for back problems

People suffering from various types of back problems often find that water beds prove to be great way of providing the support they need. There are many types and models of water beds to choose from so selecting the best one can be somewhat intimidating. When setting out to buy soft side or hardside mattresses in Houston TX the buyer needs to take into account the stability, the design, the features that the mattress offers and the initial purchase price and the cost of routine maintenance.

The first consideration is to choose between the two categories, soft side and hard side. The choice will usually be made on purely personal preferences and the design features. As the name implies, a soft side water bed mattress does not have anything to support the sides when the bladder is full, the mattress simply rests on a platform. In contrast, hardside mattresses in Houston TX uses a frame to cradle the liner, the frame is usually padded to avoid any damage. In most cases, the platform and the frame are elevated which gets the mattress to a normal height and provides storage space under.

As the waterbed can be a significant investment, the sturdiness of the bed is another major concern. The bladder and the frame both should be well constructed using the best materials available so that the bed holds up to years of service. When shopping you will find waterbeds that appear quite cheap in price; it is not just price that is cheap, the bed is as well. The frame is usually some composite material such as pressboard and the mattress material is of a much lighter gauge. It is recommended that these beds be left in the store as they will begin to deteriorate very quickly once they are filled and ready for use.

The mattress is one thing; there are also features that must be incorporated to provide the ultimate in comfort. A waterbed must be equipped with a heater and in some climates a chiller is recommended. Some mattresses are a single bladder while others are made from a series of interconnected cells, these cells reduce the wave action when the user rolls over or otherwise changes position during the night. Make sure the mattress is easy to fill and drain as this will make routine maintenance much easier.

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