Using The Services Of Probate Lawyers In RI

One of the most meaningful and important things that anyone can do is to make sure, in the event of their death, that there is a valid will that will help ensure that your estate is handled in the way that you wanted. The Executor or Executors of your will are charged with this task and they, in turn, can rely on the legal help and advice of probate lawyers in RI.


Depending on how complicated or complex the estate and execution of the will may be probate lawyers in RI may be required to provide a significant amount of legal advice and representation. Each state is responsible for the laws that govern probate, or the settling of the estate, and this can become complicated if the deceased owned properties in multiple states or outside of the state where the deceased resided.

It is important to realize that any property that is considered to have right of survivorship, in other words was owned by the decreased and another person with the title transferring to the survivor, or that is part of a life insurance payout, or part of a trust that was established prior to the death, is not considered in the probate.

The Process

Probate lawyers in RI can help the Executor or Executors to ensure that all the steps involved in probate are completed to finalize the estate. This will include identifying all the assets of the deceased, paying all outstanding debts from the estate and ensuring that the property is preserved until it is distributed according to the terms of the will.

For a person named an Executor these responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially if it is a large estate and a large number of items in the will. The probate lawyers in RI can handle many issues such as handling any possible lawsuits or legal actions, ensuring all minor heirs are identified, ensuring that all payments to the estate continue and in the transfer of titles. This will also include ensuring that creditors to the estate are identified and repaid as per the law.

In addition probate lawyers in RI will also handle all filings and representation to the probate court in the jurisdiction of the deceased.

Working with probate lawyers in RI is essential in any estate as it can be a complex process that takes months to years to complete.

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