Using Epoxy To Protect Garage Flooring In NY

When an auto repair business has a facility with cement flooring, protecting this surface will be a priority. Since vehicles can lead to oil and gas spills, cement will be prone to staining and weakening. Adding a layer of epoxy is a great way to keep a cement floor in the best condition. Here are some points to keep in mind when adding this type of protective barrier to Garage Flooring in NY.

Select A Time When Conditions Are Right

It is important to pick a time for the application of epoxy when weather conditions are favorable. Since epoxy is rather pungent, adding it to flooring at a time precipitation is not likely is best. It is also best to apply the agent to flooring at a time when customers are not expected to be present at an auto repair shop. The epoxy will require a few days for curing and drying, so it is best to do the procedure over a weekend or during a vacation period.

Pick A Color To Offset Harsh Liquids

While epoxy will provide a barrier to keep spills from staining concrete, it is a good idea to select a color that will make staining less noticeable if it does occur. A darker shade will work well in an auto repair building. Purchasing a cleaning agent made especially for epoxy is also best to keep discoloration at bay. Epoxy will provide a rich, shiny surface that will work in repelling liquids as needed in this type of workplace.

Consider Using A Professional

Hiring a service that deals with floor coverings will be a great way to get a polished appearance while keeping an auto repair shop looking professional year-round. A professional service will come to the business to apply the epoxy to the cement floor, taking care to repair any cracks first. The finished product will leave behind a smooth surface.

When there is a desire to find out more about options in Garage Flooring in NY, contacting a business with plenty of experience is necessary. Call Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation today to find out more about their products and services. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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