Using Dental Lumineers in Hoover Alabama to Enhance Your Teenager’s Smile

Every time you turn on the news lately, you see another story about a child being bullied. You look at your kids and hope that you have taught them better. You want them to base their self-worth on what is truly important, but at the same time you can remember how difficult your own teenage years were. To many teens, their appearance is one of the most important things about them. If your teenager is experiencing low self-esteem, teasing, or social anxiety because of their smile, Dental Lumineers in Hoover Alabama can help.

If your teenager has a generally healthy smile, but is dealing with stains, uneven, or misshapen teeth, lumineers can produce a whole new appearance. Lumineers cover the existing teeth with a layer of tooth colored material. The application is a simple and painless. Requiring no anesthetic and little natural tooth reduction, the lumineers are bonded to the teeth and set with a curing light. The entire process is practically pain free and can be completed in as little as two visits. In fact, in some cases lumineers can be preferred over braces. In mild cases of misaligned teeth, Dental Lumineers in Hoover Alabama can immediately accomplish what braces can take years to do.

Your teenager can immediately enjoy the benefits of their newly remodeled smile. With little to no increased sensitivity, there is no interruption in the child’s normal routine. Downtime is limited to merely the time required for the procedure to be performed in the dental office and the lumineers last for years. Generally, lumineers come with a 5 year warranty, however some studies have shown properly cared for lumineers can last up to twenty years.

Consult Dr. Michael S. Anglin Hoover Alabama to see how Dental Lumineers can assist your teenager with their dental problems. A healthy, straight, stain free smile can immediately boost your teenager’s self-confidence. In a world where first impressions can open countless opportunities, equipping your child with the confidence to attack any obstacle they may face is crucial. While no one can dispute confidence should start from within, creating a healthy, beautiful smile can help to bring out the best in all of us.

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