Using Commercial Moving Companies For Healthcare Facility Relocations

Moving a doctor or dentist’s office, moving to a new clinic or healthcare facility, or even moving within a building is a unique challenge. There are online a few commercial moving companies in the Nashville area that are able to work with healthcare providers and managers to handle these type of short or long distance moves.

With any type of healthcare facility, commercial moving companies have to address several very specific issues with the move that are not present in other types of commercial and business moving jobs. By understanding how a healthcare move is different than a traditional business move it is easier to see why these moves have to be handled by trained professionals.

Planning the Move

With healthcare facilities, even more important than with a business move, the commercial moving companies have to coordinate both the move out and the move in with extreme care.

Equipment care in transport, patient records, devices, take down of equipment and furniture, reconfiguration and rebuilding in the new location and ensuring that the area is clean and ready for use will be critical factors.

Additionally, the commercial moving companies handling these types of moves have to ensure that the move is completed on schedule. Typically there will be building restrictions as to when the move can occur, and staying within those parameters will be of particular importance.

HIPPA Compliance

While other businesses may require secure movement of their records by commercial moving companies, the healthcare sector will require full HIPPA compliance.

This required additional training for the on-site moving coordinator, who will typically be involved in the planning stage of the move. The moving company itself has to ensure that HIPPA compliance can be maintained through the process, which means that HIPPA requirements have to be incorporated in all aspects of moving those records and documents.

Equipment Care

Specialized and sensitive medical equipment will require additional wrapping and padding, even when commercial moving companies are just relocating within a building.

Some of the top Nashville commercial moving companies that manage healthcare moves can actually disconnect and reconnect your biomedical equipment and specialized machines and equipment. This can include computer and phone systems as well, which can be instrumental in quickly setting up the new location to be able to see patients with only limited downtime for the move.

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