Using Christian Counseling to aid with Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can cause many problems throughout your life. Not understanding your self worth can cause you to feel unworthy of success, love and fulfillment. If you have low self-esteem the christian counseling Oklahoma City OK people use can be of great value to you and help you learn to come to recognize your own talents as well as your worth so that you can love and be loved in your relationships.

Self Esteem and Christian Beliefs

Many Christians confuse self esteem with pride or conceit. However, self esteem is important to the Christian life style as God and the bible speak about the importance of love in relation to ourselves. In fact Jesus said that we must love others as we love ourselves. Low self esteem makes it difficult to live life as God intended. Christian counseling can help you learn how to love yourself and overcome any weaknesses you may be experiencing due to negative experiences that have occurred in your life.

Benefits of Christian Counselling

Forgiveness plays a major role in Christian beliefs. If you are feeling low self esteem as a result of experiences with relationships then Christian counseling can guide you through the act of forgiveness to allow you to let go of issues from childhood or other bad relationships. As well it will help you understand that you are not responsible for the wickedness of others. If you feel you are dissatisfied with your appearance you can learn that the outer body is not as important as your inner spirit and your ability to live a fulfilling life is easier using the teachings of Jesus. You will work with your counselor to discover relevant passages in the bible for inspiration and learn that we are all in possession of dignity due to God’s divine love as well as your ability to experience spiritual regeneration despite sin.

Signs of Low Self-esteem

Signs you have self esteem issues can include negative thoughts and feelings about yourself and the world. You may feel unloved or unworthy of happiness and love. You may doubt your ability to do well in life and even be drawn to relationships that are destructive. A fear of change or even a feeling you must over achieve are also common. Christian counseling can help you overcome these feelings and move on.

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