Using A Bill Pay Service in Florida

Automatic bill payment is a benefit to anyone living anywhere in Florida. It allows for the instant transfer of funds from a bank account or credit card to a creditor. It also offers a record of the payment, ensuring that late fees or service charges cannot be added to the account if there is an error on the part of the company.

However, not everyone has a bank account that offers automatic, online bill payments. Some people may not have bank accounts in Florida, or may be waiting to set up an account but working or receiving other types of government or personal checks. They may also need to use a tax refund check to make bill payments, but lack the account to complete the check cashing and bill payment process.

In these situations, a bill pay service is an ideal option. These companies charge a small fee for the service and can immediately cash checks and make the automatic, electronic payments of your bills, giving you the peace of mind, your accounts are all up to date.

Major Billers

It is important to check the bill pay service is able to make electronic payments to your billing companies. The top services have the ability to send funds directly to major national companies including phone services, satellite television companies, banks and credit card companies and other similar types of creditors.

In most cases, Florida check cashing and bill pay companies can also make electronic payments to the larger companies in the state, making it easy for customers to pay everything required at one location.

Prepaid Debit Cards or Cash

The residual amount left from the check after the bill pay service is complete can be loaded on a prepaid debit card or provided as cash. Either option provides immediate access to funds for customers, making their financial planning and budgeting a simple process.

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