Upper East Side Luxury Apartments

The Upper East Side of Manhattan has many features and attractions which appeal to a variety of people. You’ll find the area is made up of people who are retired, single, professionals, families and even tourists who are on extended holidays. There are several reasons for this including excellence in entertainment selections, clean and well-kept streets, some of the finest schools in New York City, fine dining, great shopping and a selection of other amenities. There is a variety of Upper East Side luxury apartments available for those who are looking to rent or make a purchase.

Advantages of living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan

Finding an Upper East Side luxury apartment should not be an issue as there are several options available.

Anyone who enjoys more of a country setting within the big city will be able to appreciate the areas east of 87th Street from East End Avenue. Additionally, this area features co-op apartments which are more reasonably priced as living in Manhattan can be quite expensive. Families benefit by having access to some of the finest private and public schools for children in New York City.

Amenities of the Upper East Side

Entertainment and relaxation options are within a short distance as the area is populated with several interesting attractions, such as museums and clubs to name a few, for diverse entertainment offerings. Festivals, musicians and street performers also add to the interesting attractions you’ll see. Several fine dining establishments are readily available with diverse offerings to suit most tastes. If you enjoy drinking a cup of coffee while browsing through your favorite authors and topics, you’ll find Starbuck’s along with Barnes and Noble at your service.

To meet your shopping needs, you’ll find a variety of street vendors who offer good deals on their wares along with an excellent selection of specialty shops and boutiques. This area has a little something for everyone.

Living in the Upper East Side is in most cases expensive, unless you are fortunate enough to secure your residence east of 87th Street area. Families with children will appreciate the high quality educational opportunities in both private and public school systems. If you enjoy clean and well-kept streets, the safety of buildings with doormen and a grand assortment of shopping, dining and entertainment options, this is the place for you.

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