Understanding The Role Of A Defense Lawyer In Wake County

When a crime is committed, whether under federal, state or local law, the individual or individuals who were involved are faced with potential prosecution. The justice system consists of the following basic parts: judge and jury, the prosecution and defense. In North Carolina, the prosecutor represents the state and its people. A defense lawyer in Wake County, NC speaks on behalf of his or her client – the individual who is charged with the offense.

Why a Defense Lawyer

The Constitution of the United States of America guarantees that each individual has the right to legal representation when facing possible incarceration. This right to counsel is addressed under the 6th amendment and may apply as early as the pre-arrest procedure. A defense attorney’s role is to get involved as early as possible to ensure that a client’s constitutional rights are being protected.

What Does a Defense Lawyer Do?

At its very basics, a defense lawyer in Wake County is expected to stand up for and defend his or her client against governmental accusations of wrongdoing. The defense attorney helps to balance the playing field by ensuring that he government abides by the constitution and proves it’s case beyond a reasonable doubt. If that burden is not met, then their client must be deemed not guilty. There is no burden on a criminal defendant to prove they are innocent of anything. In fact, there is no burden on the defendant to prove anything. The impetus to demonstrate guilt falls solely on the government. A good defense lawyer:

  • Listens closely to what their client has to say, and to know their story
  • Evaluates the information provided by the client and all other sources
  • Offers options to the client on which approach to the case would be best
  • Advises the client as how best to navigate the criminal process
  • Protects the client from abuses of the systems by making sure he or she understands all legal rights. Also steps in during interviews, interrogations and other meetings both in and out of court
  • Collects evidence to rebut any arguments of the prosecutor and his or her team
  • Challenges the evidence and alleged facts presented by the prosecutor in court as well as points out any perceived irregularities and procedural errors
  • Negotiates with the government to ensure the client receives the best oucome possible
  • Represents the client at all stages of the procedure from initial contact with the police or legal forces through the court procedures and into any sentencing phase of trial

If you find yourself facing a difficult situation involving legal criminal matters, do not hesitate. Contact someone who is familiar with the legal system in North Carolina. Arrange for a defense lawyer in Wake County to handle the matter for you. It is up to him (or her) to help you protect your rights under North Carolina and United States constitution. A good defense lawyer will be able to fulfill this role and advise, negotiate and guide you throughout the entire process.

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