Understanding the Operation of the Telehandler

Do you work in an industry where working at great heights is a common reality? In such industries, it is common for workers to use telehandlers. There is a company that does Telehandler Rental in Baltimore MD. They want to give you some ideas of all the things a telescopic telehandler can do.

A telescopic telehandler operates pretty much like a crane with forklift capabilities. It is widely used in the construction industry to lift heavy weights and other items. The unique feature of this construction tool is the boom with its diverse abilities to attach other necessary tools. If the telehandler is used properly, it can be used to lift up to three times its maximum allowable weight, without tipping over. The telehandler’s attachment device mostly employs the pallet forks, and this is to move pallets of material from one place to another that a conventional forklift would not reach, or would not reach safely. However, in the agricultural industry, the attachment often used is the bucket.

The telehandler’s advantage is simultaneously its disadvantage. Even though it has the capacity to lift up to three times its maximum allowable weight, it is important to still realize that when lifting any load, the telehandler’s stability is compromised. Even a little compromising becomes a safety issue in such cases, and care should be given, particularly to the operator against tipping hazards. One of the features put in place to avoid these safety outages is that of an electronic computer. The sensors in the computer will alert the operator of weights exceeding the maximum allowable, and some are even designed to shut off at that point.

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