Understanding Bench Warrants in Salisbury, MD

Laws are different in every state, especially on matters of the court. If an individual is a Maryland resident and there are bench Warrants in Salisbury MD on him or her, the matter needs to be handled quickly. The matter does not need to be handled without the benefit of a lawyer, though. An attorney can usually make the bench warrant disappear, and the individual is able to set a new date for trial. Understanding bench warrants is something people need to know in case they find themselves with one.

The bench warrant is different from an arrest warrant. It is set by a judge because an individual failed to appear in court for a given case. The judge has the option to set the amount of the bench warrant or have it set by a commissioner. There is usually not a bench warrant set for failing to appear because of a speeding ticket. However, the individual will get a failure to appear, and will have to deal with the MVA and the court system about it.

If there is another charge, such as a drug charge, and the individual doesn’t show up, a bench warrant will be issued. A deputy will most likely show up at the individual’s home to arrest him or her. To avoid jail time, it is critical to hire an attorney who can act on the individual’s behalf. If an attorney is not hired, the individual stands in front of a commissioner and usually will be required to post a bond. If the individual can’t post the bond, he or she will have to use a bail bondsman.

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