Understanding Basic Home Insurance Coverage

It’s important to understand the basics of a home insurance policy so that you can make sure you have the coverage you need at a price that’s fair and affordable. Homeowner Insurance in Shawnee KS protects homeowners’ personal property, the structure, and additional structures that surround the home. There are also endorsements that you can add to your policy to improve your coverage. Whether you shop online or find a local agent, here is a basic rundown of home insurance.

Dwelling and Structure Insurance

The main part of your homeowner’s insurance will cover your dwelling, or home. It will also cover structures that surround your home such as workshops, garages, or other detached structures that reside on your property. Common coverage for homeowner insurance includes all of the fixtures, major appliances, disasters that occur from major appliances, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and electrical systems. This means that your home is protected from fires, flooding, and any other emergency that may occur from faulty appliances or fixtures.

Structures on the outside of your home can also be protected with home insurance. Shawnee, KS homeowners can include fencing, wall structures, driveways, and sidewalks as part of their policy. This means you have coverage should someone fall in your driveway or your detached garage catches on fire.

Personal Property Insurance

People always worry about replacing material items when their home floods, catches on fire, has a roof collapse, or other emergency situation. Personal property insurance is the part of the policy that helps you recover funds so that you can replace furniture, electronics, carpeting, and bedding. Depending on the value of your items, you may need additional addendums for your policy to cover high-priced property.

In order to insure you have the best coverage, it’s important to speak with an insurance broker that specializes in home insurance. Shawnee, KS homeowners have the options of searching online or visiting local agent. No matter who you choose, make sure your policy has no gaps and covers everything you need.