Types of Media Utilized By Planning Services

A company has almost an unlimited number of strategic media options available to them. Depending upon the type of company and the products that are offered, knowing how to effectively market your brand as a whole can be a difficult task. With so many options available, knowing how much of your budget to put into specific types of media is an important part of the process. While certain companies may be able to perform their best through advertising in print media, other companies may be better served to place most of their budget toward digital, mobile, or social strategic media. Some of the more common types of media utilized by strategic media planning services include;


Print media is certainly an important part of the advertising puzzle for many companies. There are an unlimited number of print publications that companies can advertise within, allowing them to reach very specific demographics. Print media, while not as popular as it once was, still plays a huge role in the advertising campaigns of some of the largest businesses on earth. Strategic media planning services can help you to determine whether or not print media advertising is in your company’s best interest, while still allowing you to appropriately budget for other options as well.


Digital marketing has become increasingly popular over the course of the last decade. As the Internet continues to rise in terms of usage in the everyday lives of individuals, digital marketing campaigns have become deeper, more fine-tuned, and broader. Strategic media planning services can help you to come up with effective media and creative’s that work on digital platforms.


As more individuals than ever are utilizing their mobile devices to surf the web, a number of different companies have been able to secure excellent mobile presences through smart and innovative advertising methods. Since there are so many different mobile devices, each of which possibly requiring a different strategy from the advertiser, mobile can be a tough nut to crack, but can reap huge rewards for determine companies.


It is no secret that social media has become increasingly common in recent years. Many companies have directed a lot of their online advertising and content creation efforts toward social media, at the behest of a variety of media planning services. Utilizing social media to your advantage can be an excellent choice for companies that are on the cutting edge, and looking to catch a wider, younger audience.

Looking to expand your advertising platforms? The strategic media planning services provided by Telmar can help you to make the most of a variety of different platforms.

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