Two Different Kinds of Ninja Swords

Historically, ninjas were a group of covert agents who worked in feudal Japan. They were often mercenaries, but could have also worked for different officials who hired ninjas for different work. They were often responsible for sabotage, espionage, assassinations, and other types of covert warfare. In the modern era, it is believed by some that ninjas carried around a simple sword called a ninjato.

The Ninjato

The ninjato does not have much historical evidence, but it is still maintained by many modern ninjutsu practitioners as the sword of ninjas. It is a simple straight sword that has become one of the most popular types of ninja swords. They fit the mythos of ninjas very well; since they are simple and serviceable, they would have been less expensive and more disposable than the katanas of samurai.

If you want a ninjato, you should visit They offer many types of ninjatos that are very attractive and high-quality. If you want the other type of ninja sword available, you need a katana.

The Katana

A katana is the most famous of the ninja swords. These are slightly curved single-edged blades that are typically made from damascus steel. They’re historically higher end and more carefully designed than ninjatos. The katana was the pride of the samurai, and was thus cherished. If you’re looking for a katana, you can also find one from the makers of great ninjatos.

While ninjatos are typically depicted as cheaper than katanas, that’s not necessarily the case from modern bladesmiths. Modern bladesmiths design swords to be useful and attractive no matter what style they are. Therefore, you should look for a ninjato that is made from quality steel and formed very carefully. While there is little evidence that ninjas traditionally carried one of these swords, they are definitely in the spirit of the covert agents.

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