Tubing fabricators; How to Achieve the Perfect Bend

Many consider tube bending a mysterious process that is done using trial and error. However, this is not the case as there are some basic principles that have remained the same for many decades. While the technology used by tubing fabricators to bend tubular pieces has evolve with time, the mechanical magic has remained the same. There are four factors that determine whether you make that perfect bend or not: the material, tooling machine and lubrication.

The first step in bending should be to know the properties of the tube you are using. After bending, tubes experience springback causing a bend that continues to grow radically. Though there are seamless tubes, most of them are made with a longitudinal weld. The size, quality and consistency of the weld seam are important considerations in tube bending. During bending, elongation and the stretching of the outside radius can occur.

There are several tube bending methods. These include ram type, roll, compression and rotary draw bending. Ram type bending is one of the simplest but oldest bending methods. In this method a hydraulic driven ram forces a tube against pivot block or rollers. Roll bending is commonly used in making large workpieces in the construction industry. Compression bending makes use of a roller or a compression die to bend workpieces around a stationary bend die. Rotary draw bending is commonly used to produce precision work particularly for applications requiring tight radii.

You will need the right tools to achieve the perfect bend particularly in the rotary draw bending. The tool should also take into consideration the radial growth. Lubrication is also an important factor. The nonpetroleum-based synthetic lubricants are becoming popular. These are commonly available as gel or paste and can be diluted to the consistency required by the application. The right machinery is also an important consideration in tube bending.


Like it is the case with many other trades, the experience of the tubing fabricators will also affect the end results. A fabricator with the above mentioned resources will be able to achieve the perfect bend. Spinco Metal Products Inc are the Tubing Fabricators leading producers of all fabricated items and can offer you a wide array of fabricated products. Therefore, for all your fabrication needs contact Spinco Metal Products, Inc.

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