Troubleshooting Tips Before Calling For Garage Door Repair In Gilbert

Getting home from work, running errands or just enjoying a day away from home and finding the garage door won’t open is always a problem. Since most people now use an electronic door opener the assumption often is that they immediately need garage door repair in Gilbert.

In some cases you may, and there are services that provide 24/7 emergency repair to get you back into, or out of, your garage. However, before calling any of these services be sure to troubleshoot or check a few simple things.

Check Remote Batteries

Many people arriving home and finding their door won’t open call for garage door repair in Gilbert only to find they need new batteries in their remote. Based on the type of remote you use these can be a variety of different types of batteries but they are typically going to last for a significant amount of time before they do eventually go dead.

To determine if the remote unit is the problem get out of the vehicle and go into the garage. Use the switch to turn the motor on and see if the door operates normally. If it does, replace the batteries on the remote at your first opportunity.

Check for Power

Another important check before calling for garage door repair in Gilbert is to make sure there is power to the garage and, most importantly, power to the door opener motor. If there is power in the garage check the circuit panel to make sure that no breakers have been tripped and if they have turn it on and open the door.

Sometimes the breaker will immediately trip again. If this happens, or if the original issue was a tripped breaker, immediately call for garage door repair in Gilbert as this may be a problem with the motor itself.

Check for Objects

Sometimes something in the garage may have fallen across the track to lodge against the door. As a safety precaution new models of openers will not open or close the door to prevent possible injury to people or damage to the door.

Check to make sure there is nothing in or around the tracks and there is nothing that is pushed up against the door or the door opener unit.

By troubleshooting these very simple issues you can determine if there is a simple fix for the problem or if you need garage door repair in Gilbert. Any electrical irregularities or failure of the door should be check out immediately to prevent more problems in the future.

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