Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Calgary can help update a dated and old kitchen. This is ideal for those who wish to sell their home, or those who are staying put in their home, but just want to give their space an update. But, keeping track of what is modern and stylish can be challenging, as trends are constantly changing. If you are considering renovating your space, here are some of the current trends for modern kitchen cabinets in Calgary.


A few years ago, dark cabinets were all the rage. Cherry woods, a deep mahogany and espresso-colored stains were very popular. But recently, the trend has shifted and light-colored cabinets are becoming more and more trendy. If you want to stick with this trend, select white or cream-colored cabinets. If these colors are too light for you, pair dark colored cabinets with frosted glass doors, to get that hint of modern white color.

Floor to Ceiling Cabinets:

Have you ever worried about not having enough cabinets? You won’t ever have to worry about that again if you have floor to ceiling cabinets. Floor to ceiling cabinets have become so popular because people are always looking for more storage space. If you are looking to add this to your home, you may want to select different lowers and uppers, such as all wood lowers and uppers with glass or frosted doors, to change up the look. If you select all uppers and lowers that are exactly alike, the look can overwhelm a kitchen, especially if yours is small.

Over-sized Hardware:

The last trend for Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Calgary is over-sized hardware. An over-sized drawer pull or cabinet handle adds a touch of sleek metal to an all wood door. An over-sized piece of hardware draws attention, so always make sure that your cabinet or drawer pulls are kept clean and free of fingerprints, or that shiny contrast you are going for will end up backfiring.

If you need advice on cabinets, are looking for a quote, or just want to see what styles and options are available, check out the selection at ACE Cabinet. They specialize in all styles of cabinets, including modern, classic and shabby chic.

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