Training for Security Guards in Kansas City

If you’ve ever wondered what sort of training security guards receive, or are interested in becoming a security guard yourself but don’t know if you have the correct skills, a short overview of what goes in to this line of work may be helpful. Below is a brief summary of how security guards are trained and what skills are needed for the job.

First, security guards exist to protect property or persons on a private level. They are not police officers, though many do come from a police background. They can be similar to police officers in that some are permitted to carry weapons, including firearms in some cases, and may use force against someone if necessary. Overall, they are they to ensure the safety of residents in a neighborhood or employees of a business, including the properties themselves.

Requirements for becoming a security guard first involve things such as education. At a minimum, applicants for a guard position should have a high school diploma or its equivalent and no other formal education is usually necessary. However, preference will always go to applicants who do have further formal education, such as that of technical schools geared specifically for training security guards and training in CPR. In order to obtain a license to become a security guard, many states have educational requirements that involve specific training for the position. If a person desires to become an armed guard, even further education is required in the ways to safely handle and utilize whatever weapon may be being carried, especially if firearms are involved.

As mentioned, licensing is required nearly everywhere for security guards. The requirements to obtain a license can vary from state to state, but the basics include a clean criminal background, that the applicant be at least 18 years old, and must be able to pass a drug test at any given time. Usually, licensing boards will want to see more than just these things though, such as the specialized training mentioned above, though this is not necessarily going to be the case in all areas.

Security guards in Kansas City often do much of their training on the job. The sort of training received will depend on the sort of security job being performed, but should at the very least include learning how to write daily reports/keep activity logs, learning the proper ways to administer first aid if needed, and learning basic defense and protection methods. Stronger training is given to those who carry weapons, even if they are not firearms, and those who work in settings that require extreme sensitivity will receive very exhaustive training and may be monitored on the job for a period of time after the training period has ended.

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