Top Myths About Piercings Revealed

If you have ever had a piercing, then you probably already know quite a bit about them. However, even though tons of people get piercings every day, there are still myths and rumors running rampant about them. If you are considering getting any type of piercing and want to buy a nose ring to go along with it, then you need to know about the top myths before you get started. Read on below for the top myths about piercings revealed.

Guns are the Safest and the Easiest

Not true. In reality, guns are the worst way to get pierced. They aren’t precise, they have yet to be regulated and they damage body tissue with the force of the needle going into the skin. The best thing to do is avoided anywhere that wants to use a gun to pierce any part of your body, that includes your ears as well.

Rubbing Alcohol is Good for Piercings

Neosporin and rubbing alcohol are not the best things for piercings. The piercers go more along the lines of just letting it heal naturally. If your piercing gets infected and doesn’t seem to be getting any better, then it is best to consult your doctor. Don’t try healing it yourself at this point.

Spacing Out Your Piercings is for the Best

This can actually be a personal choice and depends on the kind of piercings you are getting and when you want to get them done. However, with most piercings, it’s best to space them out, just because of the price and your budget. Besides piercings can mentally take a lot out of you, so resting in between is a pretty good idea.

These are just a few of the myths about piercings that need to be dispelled. Once you have your piercings done the right way, visit to buy a nose ring today.

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