Top Five Advantages of Opting for Wallcoverings

Wallcoverings are the simplest option to give a quick renovation to a room without spending too much time and money. There are many incidents from history when people had experimented with different types of wallpapers and discovered new patterns. In 1748, an English ambassador to Paris tried blue flock wallpaper on the walls of a salon, which became a style statement there. Towards the end of the century, artists like Jean-Gabriel Charvetfor went ahead of the designers of their time in experimenting with the wall decorations. He made designs showing the voyages of the great explorer, Captain Cook.

Indeed, wallcoverings can convert your house into a dream home overnight with little effort.

Benefits of Using Wallcoverings

Wallcovering papers are now available in different textures, themes and designs. Instead of painting the walls, many people are choosing to cover the walls with designer wallpaper. Here are the main advantages of using wallpaper:

1. Easy to choose: Unlike paints, wallpapers are available in readymade designer form. You need not to waste time in choosing the color, design, and themes. Covering your  walls with wallpaper is just a single coat process. There is no need to choose various coats to get different textures and color combinations.

2. Easy to apply: Wallcoverings do not require the expertise of a professional. There are so many do-it-yourself guide books and DVDs available in the market. Applying wallpaper is an easy task. You can get a dream makeover for your house without depending on others.

3. Easy to remove: Earlier, it was difficult to remove wallpaper but now manufacturers are making wallpaper that can be easily removed and replaced. Moreover, there are chemical solutions available in the market that can make the re-decorating job even simpler.

4. Test the sample: You can buy several samples from a retailer to test whether they match your interiors. Testing samples are available in different sizes. These samples helps to decide which texture and color will suit the room the best.

5. Cost effective: Normally, paints are costlier than wallpaper. To paint a room, you also might need to spend on hiring professionals. To get darker shades and particular designs, the painter would need to apply several coats of paint, which will make the renovation work even more expensive. However, in case of wallpaper, you can do it yourself and save both time and money.

The most important thing to be considered while choosing wallcoverings is that the wallpaper you are using should be of good quality. Avoid cheap and duplicate brands of wallpaper. These can easily peel off either due to moisture or over time.

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