Top Benefits of Designer Inspired Rings

by | Jun 10, 2011 | Gifts

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According to a press release issued by in February 2010, the average cost of designer inspired jewelry is just 10% to 30% of the cost of the original designer jewelry. Therefore, you can actually buy around 3 to 10 such pieces at the cost of one original! Naturally, the success of replicas such as designer inspired rings has been stupendous. They have actually contributed in a big way in making the United States the largest jewelry market in the world, since 2007.

The advent of online shopping has been hugely responsible for the flourishing of the designer inspired jewelry market. The ease of purchase, the elaborate variety and cost effective deals have all propelled customers to opt for stuff like designer inspired rings from virtual platforms. However, it is important to understand the advantages associated with opting for such designer replicas over ordinary variants.

Designer Inspired Rings: Advantages

Listed below are some of the advantages of designer inspired rings over the original ones.

  • To begin with, they are cheap and almost accurate in their replication. Therefore, you can actually sport designer labels at 1/10th or 1/3rd the price of an original. If you buy from a legitimate source, no one will be able to distinguish the replication from the original one. The only condition remains that you choose your online vendor with precision.
  • Designer stuff is all about keeping up with the prevailing fashion trends. Therefore, your designer inspired rings are likely to showcase the hottest and most popular designs that are in vogue. If you are particularly fashion conscious, these could be the safest bets for not landing something which is outdated.
  • Rings that are replicas of popular designer labels are also preferred because of the sheer variety that you can get, owing to the reasonable rates. Most contemporary fashion freaks would like to enjoy immense variety when it comes to clothes and accessories. The challenge is to suitably battle the stale look. With inspired jewelry, one can buy 10 different styles at the cost of one.
  • Imagine spending a king’s ransom on an original designer jewelry piece and then losing it? Such fears can discourage you from wearing them altogether. This is where fashion replicas are the more intelligent choice. You can flaunt them comfortably without having to worry about their safety.

If you aren’t a millionaire, spending hundreds and thousands simply for designer labels makes no sense at all. The more viable designer inspired rings are the smarter option for sure.


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