Tips for Tipping at a Day Spa on Long Island

Many people complain on a daily basis about the poor service that they receive, and the lack of customer service they receive in many industries. With that being said, if you are given great service, it is best to reward the person if you want to get great service again at that same place. The spa industry is no different than any other industry if you get good service at your Day spa on Long Island, you should give a great tip to reward that service. It can get confusing as to what you should tip though, so below you will find some tips on how to tip for great service at a Day spa on Long Island known as the Blue Water Spa.

The typical tip for good service at a spa is 15 to 20 percent of the bill. If however, the services are given by the spa owner, then there is no tip required. It is pretty much understood that one tip will be given for all of the services you receive. If you would feel better tipping everyone separately, then you are welcome to that as well. The general tip per person would still be 15 to 20 percent of the total bill.

Some spas have the tip already built into the bill, so you will want to ask when you get there, or even right before you pay. If you still want to give the person an extra tip that is fine as well. Most places leave it up to the person whether they want to tip or not, but it can’t hurt to ask, just in case.

If the service isn’t the best that it can be, then the tip should be at the bottom of the scale, meaning 15 percent. You will also want to speak with the manager, or attendant, and report the person that you got poor service from. While there are customary tipping standards in any industry, it is really up to you what you tip at a day spa. Everyone has a different view of what is excellent service, and what isn’t.

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