Tips For Roof Snow Removal In Minneapolis, MN

As a homeowner there are some year round tasks that you can do or hire to have done that will help with roof snow removal in Minneapolis, MN. By having your roof, including your asphalt or cedar shingles, checked on a regular basis and routinely maintained you can help to prevent snow and ice build-up.

However, it is important to realize that warming and cooling of the temperature, wet, moist snow, sleet or rain and freezing conditions are going to lead to snow and ice accumulation on any type of roof. When this happens, and in Minnesota winters it will, having a professional company to do all your roof snow removal in Minneapolis, MN is always the best choice.

Replace Damaged Shingles

Damaged shingles, including curled or cupped shingles or shingles that have lifted are going to cause more opportunity for snow and ice to build up on these areas of the roof. To help with natural roof snow removal in Minneapolis, MN always ensure that these shingles are replaced or secured prior to the first snow.

In general for an older roof a yearly inspection is a great idea. This will not only help in replacing old or damaged shingles but it can also help you address mold and algae build-up and catch early signs of water leaks and damage both on the shingles and in the flashing or around vents.

Clean Gutters Every Autumn

When gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves, dirt and debris there is a greater chance of standing water in the system. When the temperature drops this freezes all the leaves and debris into the ice, creating virtual dams all along your gutters and downspouts. This in turn prevents roof snow removal in Minneapolis, MN from actually removing these blockages which can, over time, create backups of water under the shingles. These ice dams can lead to significant and costly damage.

While you cannot prevent all snow accumulation and ice build-up on a roof, a well maintained roof is always going to be a better option than one that is poor repair. By doing a check each fall you can help reduce your need for roof snow removal in Minneapolis, MN as well as prevent damage to your shingles and roof.

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