Tips for Reducing Heat Losses from the Heating and Air Conditioning system

Heating and air conditioning systems help to add comfort and value to business and residential premises. Learning to best utilize them can help you achieve maximum utility and reduce energy losses. One of the guaranteed ways of achieving this goal is by coming up with ways of curtailing heat losses from the system.

Here are three tips from the experts in heating and air conditioning in Tulsa on how to reduce heat losses from your home.

Invest in heavy Drapes

Heavy drapes are made from materials that act as an insulation material on the windows. They will prevent loss of heat from the rooms during the cold months as well as prevent wind from seeping through the small cracks on the edges of the windows.

Wall Insulation

Unknown to most homeowners is that a significant amount of heat is lost through the walls in spite of the fact that it is made from solid hard materials. You can prevent such losses by insulating the walls using modern insulation materials. While the cost of purchasing and installing the materials maybe high, the benefits that you will accrue every year definitely surpass the initial cost.

Keep Doors Closed

Leaving the doors open unnecessarily will lead to loss of heat and so it is recommended to keep the doors shut always. This simple tactic will help you keep the hot air indoor. Otherwise, if the doors are left open, the system will be forced to work harder to heat up the rooms.

Finally, you should invest in a modern fireplace that is well insulated and safe. This is based on the fact that an open fireplace results of massive loss of heat thereby increasing energy consumption.

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