Tips for Preparing Your Cooling System for Summer in Franklin TN

Your cooling system is one of the largest systems in your home and is one that is often overlooked, until problems arise. Having cool air in your home is crucial for the comfort and health of your family and pets. To keep your home cool in the hot summer months, you need to make sure your cooling system is maintained. These tips can assist you in knowing how to care for your Cooling System Franklin TN, so you can keep your system running properly for many years to come.

Information on Properly Caring for Your Cooling System

Though you will need an HVAC professional to come out and maintain certain parts of your Cooling System in Franklin TN, there are tasks you can do yourself. These should be done in early spring, before the weather gets too hot. By performing these tasks, you can be assured your system will be ready to run and cool your home, once the summer months hit.

  • One of the biggest areas you need to make sure you maintain on your system is the filtration part. You will need to make sure your check your filters at least once a week and change them when they become dirty or at least once a month, whichever comes first. A dirty filter can cause major problems with the health of your cooling system, leading to decreased performance and even breakdowns. Since AC filters are so inexpensive, there is no reason you should neglect this task.
  • Inside your home, you should have an evaporation unit located above your furnace. This unit has a reservoir to collect water from the system. You should see a drain hole, called a weeping hole. This can become blocked with mold and mildew, so it is important you check it regularly. Pouring a small amount of bleach down this hole and in the reservoir tray can help to keep your system draining properly.
  • You also need to make sure you keep your outside unit free of debris, limbs and weeds. By maintaining the area around your system, you can prevent it from becoming clogged or having components broken.

If you are in need of maintenance on your cooling system, contact Springhill Heating & Cooling. They can install, repair and maintain all types of AC cooling units, so your family can be cool during the hottest months of the year.


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