Tips For Planning Wedding Receptions In Downtown Atlanta On A Budget

Planing Wedding Receptions Downtown Atlanta can be very overwhelming. It can also be quite expensive. If you’re planning a wedding reception, you should know that there are several ways that you can save money, such as by limiting the number of people that you invite. Unfortunately, many couples feel like they need to invite everyone they know to their reception, but some people actually prefer to only attend weddings and only go to receptions because they feel like they are obligated to go.

Another way that you can save money when planning a wedding reception is to buy the linens that you need to cover tables and chairs instead of renting them. Unfortunately, many people think that you can save money by renting linens, but it can actually be rather expensive. Plus, you will be able to resale the linens after you use them. Some catering companies and venues will also allow you to use their linens for free. Many couples are also able to save money on their wedding reception by limiting the amount of party favors they give guest. In fact, some couples even decide to avoid giving guest any wedding favors.

When trying to lower the cost of Wedding Receptions Downtown Atlanta one of the best things that couples can do is to limit the amount and types of food that they serve. For example, instead of ordering a huge over the top wedding cake, consider getting a small cake. Some couples even like to have a small cake for themselves and then serve their guests a less expensive dessert such as a cobbler or a pie. Also, many couples are able to save money by serving guests appetizers instead of offering them a full course meal or a buffet.

Many couples have used this venue for both small and large wedding receptions. If your budget allows for it, the Atlanta Event Center can also provide you with things like music and ice sculptures. Plus, the center even offers catering services for wedding receptions and will customize a menu that will work well with your budget. If you would like to tour the center or if you’re ready to schedule your wedding reception, contact the event center today.