Tips For Picking Wedding Rings in Waukesha

Planning a wedding requires a lot of time and effort. Choosing your wedding bands is a very important step in the process. When looking for Wedding Rings in Waukesha, it’s important to know a few easy tips that will help you end up with wedding bands that perfectly represent your bond of marriage.

Matching Wedding Bands
The first thing you have to decide upon as a couple is if you want matching wedding bands. There’s certainly no requirement that his and her bands must match, especially if the couple’s taste in jewelry style differs. Even if you don’t get rings that match, they certainly can be designed to share similar motifs and traits. Doing so will allow the rings to complement each other’s while still maintaining the individuality of both people.

Choose Your Metal and Color
The most common wedding band metals are gold, silver, and platinum. Gold remains the traditionalist’s favorite, but silver and platinum have been becoming increasingly fashionable choices. Furthermore, while the yellow gold band is viewed as the time-honored choice of many, white gold and rose gold are options that are gaining popularity. But a couple doesn’t have to buy matching bands, so don’t worry if you like platinum while your future spouse likes yellow gold.

Ring Styles
Ring styles can run the gamut from the plain wedding band to those that are decorated with diamonds and other gems to add some extra style. Others may have details on the inlays or beveled or grooved edges with engraving as another option. This is your opportunity to individualize the rings to give them a distinct appearance. Whatever your decision, it’s recommended that some aspects of the design match to tie them together as a pair.

Set a Budget
A good rule of thumb for how much money to set aside for your wedding bands is that they should total about 3% of your wedding budget. A plain 14-karat gold band will cost around $350 while a simple platinum band is roughly three times the cost. The addition of engraving and flourishes like diamonds will quickly raise the cost of the rings, so you need to keep that in mind.

If you’re looking for Wedding Rings in Waukesha, these handy tips should make for a good starting point. Harry C. Glinberg Jewelers is a fine local jeweler to find your perfect wedding bands. For more information you can visit them on Google+

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