Tips for Improving Your Lounge or Break Area

by | May 9, 2016 | Furniture

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When it’s time to take a break, your staff needs a special room to visit and not think about work. A warm and inviting place can help to relax both body and mind and a break area with the right setting and comfy lounge chairs can be an oasis in a desert of corporate affairs. Here are some helpful tips for improving the break area without going over your budget.

An Ample Supply of Beverages

Your staff will appreciate the added perk of not paying for coffee or other beverages. In fact, it makes one feel special and appreciated, and this is a great way to raise moral and good feelings toward the company. In addition, if you would like to cut down on the time spent in the break room, why not let your people come in and get a cup of coffee or bottle of water whenever they need it? You also may wish to include tea bags and a source of heated water for those not interested in coffee.

Sitting in Comfort

Some companies believe cheap and uncomfortable chairs will encourage employees to limit their stay in the break room. In fact, investing in quality lounge chairs can give you an excellent ROI. You don’t have to supply large recliner chairs so people will fall asleep, but they should be able to sit in both style and comfort so they can enjoy their break time.

Design for Employee Interaction

When you set up your break room, make it easy for everyone to engage in conversation. In fact, if you have the space and budget you will enjoy many benefits by providing a separate lounge area from the lunchroom. You can find some attractive and functional lounge chairs and furniture which come in sections and this can encourage a “round table” type of environment. It allows your people to get together and share important ideas and plans.


Not everyone takes a break to sit and relax in lounge chairs. Some people enjoy the thrill of playing games with others. This is an excellent way to stimulate the imagination and get creative juices flowing. For example, when you have the chance to play a game of billiards it helps to take the mind off work and can be a very good stress buster. Perhaps you could install an air hockey or foosball table. This provides a certain amount of exercise and allows people to have fun at work. After hours or during lunchtime, employees could conduct their own competitions and tournaments, for added excitement.

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