Three Types of People Who Should See a Chiropractor in Binghamton NY

Anyone in Binghamton NY, who has ever had neck or back pain, will likely have seen a chiropractor. Chiropractors are very helpful at relieving pain in the back and neck, among others. Many people flock to these caregivers as an alternative to surgery or modern medicine, because they offer holistic methods of care. However, there are three other types of people that may benefit from a chiropractic visit in their hometown of Binghamton NY, including those working in sedentary jobs, athletes and those who have been in a car accident.

Sedentary Employees

Many men and women work in a job where they sit for most of their day. Because computers are prevalent in every office and workstation, most people use these to talk with other employees, sit in at meetings and hand in memos or other work. Gone are the days where people would get up and walk to the meeting or walk to another employee’s cubicle to talk with them. While this makes employees more productive, it also means they have a big lack of movement throughout their day. Bodies need to be active or discomfort and pain could arise in the back, spine and discs. Because most people are hunched over computer screens all day, this can also cause poor posture problems.

Therefore, seeing a chiropractor can help relieve some of the pressures felt from sitting all day. While it is up to your Binghamton NY chiropractor and you, most people visit their chiropractor once a month for adjustments.


Athletes tend to become injured quickly because of all the strenuous movements they perform. Whether you run, play soccer, baseball or football, you could benefit from seeing a chiropractor as they can treat injuries without the use of medication or surgery and can help your body prevent future injuries.

Auto Accident Victims

People who have been in an accident should pay careful attention to their bodies immediately following the accident. Many times, adrenaline is high during the accident and right after, which can make the pains of the body less noticeable. Many people find that even a week after their auto accident, they have pain directly related to the accident. This pain shouldn’t be taken lightly. While a doctor can prescribe medication to help relieve the pain, it may be more beneficial to see a chiropractor, as they can determine what the main problem is and work towards helping the body mend itself.

If you work in an office or are an athlete, you may benefit from seeing a chiropractor in Binghamton NY. Visit Owego Chiropractic to schedule an appointment.

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