Three Types of Materials Used for Metal Roofing in Lake City FL

When it comes to the types of materials available for roofs, there are a plethora of options from which to choose. One popular category of roofing materials is metal. Metal roofs are loved among home and business owners because they are generally weather-resistant, rustproof, and fire-resistant. In addition, they can be extremely affordable and very attractive. Three types of materials used for metal roofing in Lake City FL are aluminum, steel, and copper.

Aluminum Roofing

One type of material used for metal roofing is aluminum. This type of material is both lightweight and durable. It is also malleable, making it adaptable to almost any roofing profile. Aluminum is a naturally rustproof material, so roofs made from aluminum can potentially last for a long time. Aluminum roofs are considered to be an environmentally-friendly choice because the aluminum used comes partly from post-consumer waste.

Steel Roofing

Steel is another type of material used for metal roofing. This type of material is durable and strong. Steel is made up of an alloy of carbon and iron. In addition, galvalume steel has a coating of an alloy of aluminum and zinc, and galvanized steel has a coating of zinc. These coatings are designed to protect the steel from corrosion. Roofs made from steel have a coating to protect them from the elements, making them weather-resistant and rust-resistant.

Copper Roofing

The third type of material used for metal roofing is copper. This type of material is known for the bluish-green patina that develops on its surface naturally over time. It is considered to be the most attractive metal used for roofing. It is also the most expensive, therefore it is usually used only for roofing accents on homes, churches, and historical buildings. Like other metal roofing materials, copper is resistant to weather, fire, and rust.

Keeler Roofing can provide Metal Roofing in Lake City FL. Whether aluminum, steel, or copper is desired, their professional roofing contractors can help. Different types of material for metal roofing are available, as well as a variety of nonmetal roofing materials. Roofing repairs, replacements, and restorations are offered for both residential and commercial properties. Visit the website today for more information.

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