Three Signs Requiring The Services Of A Bed Bugs Exterminator In Pearl City

It’s not unusual for individuals to discover they have an infestation of bed bugs in their homes. Once these small bugs are noticed, it’s imperative the individuals call a professional before the pests multiply and spread throughout the house. Read the information below to learn three signs of an infestation that require a speedy call to a Bed Bugs Exterminator Pearl City.

Itchy Bites On The Skin Upon Awakening

Most bed bugs live in the corners and crevices of mattresses and come out at night to feed when individuals are sleeping. Bed bugs survive on blood, and they feed by piercing the skin with their pointed mouth-parts and extracting a person’s blood. It can take one bed bug up to ten minutes to become full, and many bed bugs will feed on the same person every night.

When individuals wake up in the morning, they may notice red splotches on their skin where the bed bugs have fed. These raised areas can also become extremely itchy, especially for individuals who have very sensitive skin.

Dark Spots On Bedding

After bed bugs eat a meal at night, they’ll excrete their waste on the bedding, mattress, and even on a person’s pajamas. When individuals notice small black or dark brown stains in their bed or on their sleepwear, this is another sign of an infestation of bed bugs. Upon closer inspection, individuals may also notice a large number of tiny exoskeletons the bed bugs shed as they mature into adults.

Unusual Odor In The Bedroom

Bed bugs release an unusual odor that many people describe as a musty smell. This chemical substance that’s naturally released by bed bugs becomes quite strong when individuals have a large infestation of these insects in their home. Once this odor is noticed, individuals should immediately contact a Bed Bugs Exterminator Pearl City before the infestation gets worse.

Individuals in Pearl City who notice any of these three signs can contact Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC for the professional removal of bed bugs. This family-owned and local business can safely remove various pests from the home, including bed bugs, termites, fleas, and fire ants. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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