Three Popular Trends for Concrete in Kalamazoo

Concrete is used for more than just outdoor areas in homes and businesses. The latest trend in concrete surfaces is in specialty flooring you can use indoors or outdoors. While you may want carpet, tile, wood, or vinyl for some common areas of your home, Concrete in Kalamazoo solutions can provide you with durable, decorative, and customized flooring inside or outside your home. Businesses are saving money by choosing concrete floors over other types of flooring materials. The following will describe some ways decorative concrete is providing trendy, popular flooring designs for residential and commercial purposes.

1) Stamped concrete – Stamped concrete has become a popular trend for home, restaurant, and cafe patios. However, indoor stamped concrete for your dining room, kitchen, or other living area of your home provides a unique textured look that can mimic wood grain, brick, tile, or natural stone. Stencils can be used to create almost any design on your concrete surface, indoors or outdoors, customized to suit your tastes.

2) Polished concrete – If you like the look of a highly polished/waxed floor, but you do not like the hazardous effect that causing it to be slick, polished concrete is the ideal solution. You get that shiny, dramatic look without the dangers of slipping and falling. Acid dyed or colored concrete can add a to the already dramatic look. Decorative, polished Concrete in Kalamazoo is a trend used for business at the entrance, but can be used for any residential or commercial flooring.

3) Scored concrete – Scored concrete is designed by using patterns and geometric shapes that add dimension to the floor. Shallow cuts are used along with various colors and patterns to create a unique look for a patio, pool area, business floor, or indoor flooring in a house. These floors are treated and sealed to ensure they have lasting beauty.

These are three trends in concrete flooring you can consider if you are remodeling or building a new residential or commercial structure. Two other ways to enjoy decorative concrete is to use concrete overlays for preserving an existing concrete floor or adding colors or acid dyes to the concrete. Peterman Concrete Kalamazoo can mix your colors and provide stamped, decorative concrete flooring for commercial or residential applications.

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