Three Frequently Asked Questions About Augers in Oregon

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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A grain auger is a device used to move grains from grain trailers, carts or trucks into grain storage bins. A typical grain auger consists of a solid shaft contained within a large tube, with a flighting on it. Flighting is a spiral of flat steel that is welded to the center of the shaft. When the spiral rotates in a counter-clockwise direction, grains are pulled up and pushed into the shaft. The shaft then deposits the grains into a hopper. A hopper uses gravity to put grain into trucks, storage bins and grain wagons. grain augers in Oregon are used by both large and small-scale farmers. They are portable machines, making them easy to transport by way of wheels attached to the bottom. Here are some important details to know about grain Augers.

What are essential maintenance practices for grain augers?

Even though most farms only use grain augers for a limited period of the year, timely maintenance is vital in minimizing harvest downtime. The U. S. National Agriculture Safety Database recommends an annual pre-season maintenance of the devices. These maintenance practices should include lubricating the machine with oil, inspecting the winch and cable for condition, operation and security, checking all fasteners, such as belts and chains for firmness and ensuring all guards are functional and properly secured in place.

What is the importance of guards on a grain auger?

Guards on a grain auger are used to prevent unwanted materials from being pulled into the shaft. They are usually placed on the intake of the auger. Guards are usually triangular shaped to allow only small grains to pass through. Most local agricultural departments recommend the use of guards to prevent the risk of contaminating the grain with foreign materials.

What are some key aspects of a hydraulic auger?

A hydraulic auger incorporates hydraulic power and contains its own diesel power plant and a self-contained hydraulic system. A hydraulic auger is easier to use, transport and clean compared to a traditional auger.

These are just some important details to know about grain Augers in Oregon. To get the most out of a grain auger, ensure it is maintained, inspected or repaired by an auger professional. For more information about professional auger services, visit Domain.

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