Three Compelling Qualities of Dental Implants in Gurnee That Make Them The Premier Tooth Replacement Solution

Losing one or more teeth can not only be embarrassing, but it can also make normal activities like eating and speaking feel strange. In addition, tooth loss negatively affects your overall oral health. When it comes to tooth replacement options, there may be several you are considering. However, there are a few good reasons why a dental implant is often recommended as one of the best possible solutions. Read on to discover why this is the case.

1. When your tooth has to be removed, you may not realize that you’ll be losing much more than just a tooth. Your jawbone requires regular stimulation in order to remain intact. When your tooth is extracted, that part of your jawbone is no longer receiving the stimulation it needs, and as a result, it may begin to weaken. Because dental implants in Gurnee are fused to your jawbone, they go a long way in helping you solve this problem. As a result, dental implants can help save your jawbone from deterioration.

2. Other tooth replacement solutions require you to make alterations to your other healthy teeth or remove them altogether. In order for a bridge to fit in your mouth, the adjacent teeth must be ground down. If you want a full set of dentures, you’ll have to remove some (or all) of your other teeth. Dental implants in Gurnee are a great tooth replacement option because they can be placed without damaging or removing any of your other healthy teeth. Instead, your dentist will simply place the implant in the space where the decayed tooth was extracted.

3. Simply put, most tooth replacement options (like dental bridges) were not created to last a lifetime. Which means that you may have to replace your bridge several times over the course of your life. Although dental implants in Gurnee may require more of an investment up front, they can actually be a more cost-effective solution since they are designed to be permanent and will last practically forever with proper care.

You have many options when it comes to tooth replacement, but dental implants are often found to be the best solution for those who are looking for something that will boost their oral health. Get in touch with the dental professionals at Excellence in Dentistry, LTD, to discover more about how dental implants in Gurnee may be able to help you on your journey toward a brighter, better smile.

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