Three Clues That Let You Know It’s Time to Hire a CPA for Your Business

Many small business owners begin their business by doing their own accounting in order to save money. This is a great way to save money initially, but if your business is successful and continues to grow, you’ll eventually need a certified public accountant (CPA) for your business. Here are few clues that it’s time to hire a CPA for small business services.

1. If you’re starting a business.

If you can spare a few hundred dollars in your start-up budget for a CPA, do it. Even if you have some knowledge of accounting, having a CPA from the beginning can save you a lot of errors in the future.

2. If you’re planning to acquire or sell a business.

Mergers and acquisitions is definitely an area you don’t want to navigate without a CPA. There are many rules and regulations here, and a CPA is trained to handle them all. You don’t want a deal to go sour because you tried to handle things on your own and missed something.

3. Before tax season.

Many people seek out a CPA for small business services during tax season, but the ideal time to hire one would be before tax season. A CPA can help you get everything in order so that when tax season comes around you’ve dotted all of your “I’s” and crossed all of your “T’s”.

With these three tips in mind, we’ll say that there is never a wrong time to hire a CPA. InSiteCPAs has some of the most talented CPAs around who are ready to help you keep your business operating smoothly. Find out more information at

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