This Is What to Know About Personal Injury Attorneys in Oro Valley and Personal Injury Cases

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Lawyers

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People usually don’t deal with personal injury attorneys in Oro Valley unless they think they have injury claims. This means that they might not know a lot about personal injury lawyers or how personal injury cases are handled. The first thing they have to understand is that there is attorney-client privilege when a person retains the services of a lawyer, which means that an individual’s communication with an attorney will be considered confidential. Since communication is confidential, it’s important for clients to be truthful with their lawyers, because surprises that come about because a client isn’t truthful with a lawyer can sabotage an injury case.

Those who think they have cases usually won’t know the true value of those unless they talk to personal injury attorneys in Oro Valley. When an individual visits PRICE & PRICE Law or other law firms, lawyers can go over all the information related to the case to see what the expected monetary value is. There are a lot of things that can affect the value of a case, like how severely the person was injured, how much property damage there was, if an individual has to miss work for an extended amount of time due to injury, and if the person is permanently disabled. Some lawyers will only take cases worth a certain monetary value, but they can refer people to lawyers who can help with smaller claims.

The reality is that most lawyers aren’t going to offer their services for free, so some people naturally avoid lawyers because they are afraid they can’t pay for their services. However, personal injury cases are usually handled with contingency fees, meaning payment is only collected if the case is won for the client. When a lawyer gets compensation for a client, the lawyer will take a predetermined percentage of the money. People seeking compensation need to find out if they will have to pay legal fees regardless of the outcome.

Injuries can change lives; a person might never be the same after being badly injured, that is why lawyers stand in their corner when they don’t have anyone else to fight for them. With the help of lawyers, it’s possible for injured parties to take on large corporations to get justice.

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