Things To Look For When Shopping For Ladies Golf Tops

For women golfers, finding appropriate bottom wear is only half of the sportswear apparel battle. The look must be completed with a great ladies golf top. There are many things to consider when shopping for ladies golf tops, among them your taste in fashion, different styles and makes, preparedness for weather conditions, and arm mobility. Keep reading to find out more about things to look for when shopping for ladies golf tops.

Don’t Restrict Your Arms

Golf is a sport that is heavy on arm movements, from wide, forceful swings to gentle, subtle putts. Ladies golf tops are specifically designed with these needs in mind. Choosing to wear a top that hinders your arm mobility can have a disastrous effect on your game. When shopping for golf tops, make sure to try them on and see that they are not too tight around the armpits, elbows, and other crucial joints, which are centers of movement.

Be Prepared for Any Weather

Going to be playing in searing, 90 degree heat? Wear a sleeveless golf top. Is the weather forecast chilly and rainy? Pick a long sleeved golf top for the day. Different variations in sleeve length can help you be prepared for many different types of weather conditions. Ladies golf tops come in a wide variety of makes and sizes. One of the major ways in which golf tops carry variation is in sleeve length. Some tops are completely sleeveless, while others have short sleeves, whether t-shirt length, or ending at elbow length, mid arm, and some have long sleeves.

Choose from a Range of Styles

Sleeve length is only one way in which golf tops can vary. Ladies golf tops also have many different styles and makes, such as polos, a more formal looking style with pronounced a collar and sleeve hems and buttons extending from the neckline to halfway down the front of the shirt, and tees, a regular T-shirt style.

Once you have selected a golf top for comfort, feel free to choose among the many different types of styles of tops you can find, from solid colors, to patterns such as leopard spots, stripes, and paisley, to V-necks, button-downs, and collared shirts. These many different types of styles can help you feel fashionable and confident on the field, and also allow you an outlet to express your unique and individual personality through your taste in sports clothing.