Things to Know When Working With a Claims Adjuster

An insurance claim adjuster goes through extensive training and works in a number of different capacities for insurance companies. During their careers, they will also participate in continued education in order to stay current with the trends and practices being used in the industry.

The Primary Duties of an Insurance Adjuster

The main roles of an insurance adjuster will be to do the following:

*Investigate all types of accidents

*Provide advice to the insurance company regarding liability

*Determine the right amount of compensation

*Negotiate and also settle claims with the accident victims

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Three Basic Categories of Adjusters

You will find three basic categories of insurance adjusters, which include:

*The Independent Adjuster: These are considered freelancers who are working for themselves or for a private firm and who are under a contract with a larger insurance company.

*The Public Adjuster: These are freelance adjusters who provide their services to the public rather than to insurance companies.

*Staff or Claims Adjusters: These are full-time employees working for insurance companies. They are the ones responsible for investigating various accidents and then negotiating a settlement with the victim.

First Contact with the Insurance Adjuster
During the first contact with an insurance adjuster, chances are they will ask for a recorded statement and request a release for them to have access to your medical records. Keep in mind that this statement is binding, so if you are not ready, simply tell the adjuster you will need a few days before giving your statement.

There is no law that requires you to provide a statement the first time you talk to an adjuster. When you request a bit more time, you are letting them know you are not in a rush to begin the negotiation process. This will also communicate that you are serious about the claim and you don’t mind taking your time.

Be sure to tell the adjuster the names of your doctors and that you will continue treatment while keeping them updated on your progress. You should not discuss any type of settlement until you have been released from a doctor’s care or until you are fully healed.

Once you have had this first conversation, you will likely get a Reservation of Rights letter from the actual insurance company. This will state that the insurance company has agreed to begin discussing the claim with you, but they have not officially accepted that they are liable for the accident or the injuries you suffered from.

When you are working with an insurance adjuster, it is important to know some basic facts. This is the best way to get the settlement you deserve. For more information, you can visit the Coconut Grove Claim Adjusters website.

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