Things to Expect from an Auto Accident Personal Injury Attorney in Wichita

Personal injury that occurs due to an automobile accident in Kansas often requires advice and representation in order to recover your losses. The laws involved in personal injury cases, especially those involving car accidents, are too complicated and complex for the average person to try to navigate on their own. A personal injury attorney in Wichita can help you navigate the challenging and delicate legal issues related to personal injury claims. If you have never consulted with or worked with an attorney, it is important to know what to expect.

A Free Consultation

Before you can file a claim against a negligent party, you have to be sure you have a claim worth filing. This is one of the things you find out in a free consultation. No matter what, it is wise to take advantage of a free consult to find out about your situation, if you have a case, if the lawyer will accept your case, and if you want to pursue it. You risk nothing by getting a little information and advice.

Negotiating a Settlement

One of the things a lawyer can do well, that you may not do well is negotiate with insurance companies. Insurance companies are not on your side, so if you try to negotiate your own settlement, you will probably end up with a low amount that sounds good to you. If you have been offered a settlement, consult with a lawyer before accepting any monetary compensation. They will know if you can get more and will negotiate for more for you.

Courtroom Litigation

If negotiating settlement becomes a losing battle, the battle will likely move to the courtroom. This is where a lawyer becomes your representative before a judge, or sometimes a judge and jury. They act as unbiased decision makers in your case. Depending on your situation, you may get more than you expected in compensation in court settlements.

These are the three main things you can expect from your attorney if you incur injuries, damages, and/or losses after an automobile accident. You should not try to represent yourself or negotiate with the insurance company or the responsible party. They are not likely to provide you with compensation commiserate with your situation. The Law Offices of Slape & Howard, a personal injury attorney in Wichita firm, offers free consultations in these cases.

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