The Wichita Pediatric Dentist Can Make A Child’s Life Much Better

Children deserve to have the best dental care available because well cared for teeth will give children better self-esteem, a better chance for a good marriage, and a good job. Children who have seriously misaligned teeth or teeth that are protruding forward are often made fun of and have trouble socializing. While these problems are serious enough, the ongoing problems throughout life can be very stressful and unhealthy. Conditions of the mouth that involve crowded or crooked teeth are more susceptible to dental problems in the future.

These problems can be eliminated, giving your child a better chance for a good life and a healthier mouth. A Wichita Pediatric dentist can correct improper bites, which is one problem that children often experience, and the improper bite often gives the child a poor appearance. These conditions are referred to as malocclusions, which may be a result of irregularly shaped teeth, disproportionate jaw relationships, or both. The treatment of these conditions is called Orthodontic treatment, and it can focus on displacement of teeth only, or it can deal with the control and modification of facial growth. The latter condition is better defined as “dentofacial orthopaedics”. Orthodontics can be confined to teeth displacement only, or it can include restructuring the entire face. Dentofacial orthopaedics is further treatment of the patient beyond improving the patient’s teeth.

Orthodontics is a treatment method for creating a beautiful smile and wonderful teeth with an appearance of a model’s smile. The process has improved over the years, and the Wichita Pediatric dentist has the latest high-tech equipment available. The latest x-ray equipment can take x-rays of your teeth and mouth in 3D and in a total time of 14 seconds. The x-rays that are made by this high-tech scanning process provides excellent clarity of the teeth and mouth, and the patient can see the results immediately. This x-ray equipment uses the lowest possible dose of radiation, making it safer than the usual industry standard.

You can learn more about this density by going to Medical science is learning that the health of the teeth and the mouth is important to the heart and other areas of the body. A dental infection can travel to many areas of the body and become very destructive.

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