The Versatility of Delavan Spray Nozzles

When it comes to spray nozzles, tips, and accessories, Delavan is one of the most recognized brands in the market. The options in Delavan spray nozzles include a wide range of spray patterns from a flat spray with an extended range or a raindrop type of nozzle. They also include flood nozzles and tips, ideal for large application areas.

Important Factors to Consider

All of the Delavan spray nozzles are designed to stand up to demanding working conditions in the agribusiness sector. This means they are corrosion and chemical resistant, allowing for seasons of use without any degradation of the interior or the exterior of the nozzle.

Each of the nozzle tip designs has a specific size and spray pattern. This can include a wide angle spray to a very targeted spray, which may be critical to avoid chemicals from coming into contact with surrounding crops or vegetation. The tips will also fit on standard nozzles, which allows easy change over to different spray patterns as needed.

The design of the raindrop types of nozzles and nozzle tips provides a larger, more substantial droplet. This has several benefits in that it reduces drift found with fine droplets and it also allows for spraying even in high wind conditions with top coverage.

Large Areas of Coverage

For large areas, the VariTarget line of Delavan spray nozzles may be the ideal option. These nozzles come in different sizes to produce medium to very coarse droplet sizes. Every single nozzle of the VariTarget line replaces up to eight conventional nozzles, making these nozzles a top investment. They are also designed not to plug, and like other nozzles from the company, they are corrosion resistant.

This is the ideal nozzle to consider when there may be a need to operate the system with various flow rates and differences in the pressure.

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