The Value In Adding A Vehicle Camera System For Fresno, CA Trucks

Driving a commercial truck in and around Fresno, CA is a lot more complicated than driving a passenger or light duty truck or a car. One of the challenges in backing up a semi, dump truck, flatbed or utility type of service vehicle is the difficulty in seeing behind the truck when backing up.
While most new models of passenger vehicles come with backup cameras, the same is not true for all models of new commercial vehicles. In addition, as these trucks are often on the road for a much longer period of time, older models may have hundreds of thousands of miles left before they are traded in.

A simple solution to increase safety, particularly when backing up, is to install a vehicle camera system. These systems provide a clear picture of the area immediately behind and to the sides of the vehicle, boosting safe operation of the truck in loading yards, dock areas or when making deliveries on the customer’s premises.

Features to Consider

A quality vehicle camera system can be mounted in any vehicle. This includes older models of all types of heavy-duty trucks and equipment on the roads today. With professional installation, the process is streamlined and precise, with all wiring carefully positioned out of sight and secured to the truck for effortless installation and long-term operation.

The monitors in the cab should be positioned in a location that is easy for the driver to see during the backup process. It should also provide good resolution for a clear, crisp picture free from distortions or the “fish eye” effect that makes it difficult to judge distance, particularly to the sides of the camera.

Always compare options in a vehicle camera system as an aftermarket addition to any heavy-duty truck. In Fresno, CA, look for local companies with quality camera systems installed at a reasonable cost and by experienced installers.

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