The Value And Cost Of An Elevator Removal

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Business

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If you are considering removing your elevators in your commercial building or want to have a new one installed, you may be worried about the cost and value of doing such. Most businesses don’t want to take on such a lengthy task because it means shutting them down for an extended period and having a lot of construction. However, there are some benefits to removing them, especially when they are faulty, old or always in need of repair.


The security of your building and customers is the highest priority, so you should never allow the customers to use a damaged lift or one that doesn’t work as it should. It is far better to remove it completely and rebuild so that everyone is safe. The company you choose should have the security of your building and your employees/customers in mind during the entire process.


Modernised elevators can provide an aesthetic appeal and can make the building seem more modern. If you are going for antique or historical, you may not want to consider it, but most businesses want to be recognised as a modern company that cares about its patrons. It can also help you by reducing energy costs and using better equipment.

Minor Setbacks

While minor setbacks may not seem like a benefit, your staff and customers will be thankful that you take their lives seriously. This may not be an advantage, but it certainly isn’t that much of a drawback. While it can take up to a year to fully remove the elevator and build a new one, most people are willing to work with you, since you are taking the time and effort to make everything better.

Value to Businesses and Customers

While you probably don’t want to sell your company, you never know what life has in store. You may choose to move to a bigger and better location or may decide that your business doesn’t fit your needs anymore. Whatever your reason, you could get more money from selling, especially if you have recently modernised your elevators.


The cost of such a process can be high and will typically run between £700 and £800, depending on how big the lift is and whether or not there are any complications.

The value and cost of an elevator removal can far outweigh the drawbacks, such as time and mess. It is up to you to keep your patrons safe, so visit Elevator Removal Specialists today to learn how they are different.

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