The treatment of breast cancer

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among the female population of the United States, heart disease is the first. Although breast cancer strikes mostly women, men can develop the disease as well. Medical science has come a long way and diagnosis no longer has to be seen as a sure fire death sentence that it was not too many years ago. Women are now well positioned to get early detection and early treatment.

The stages of breast cancer treatment:

Breast cancer like every form of cancer starts small and grows, the treatment for the condition depends a great deal on how advanced the cancer is. The medical profession is now well positioned to determine the number of tumors, the size of the tumors, the nodes and whether the cancer is stationary or if it has spread. Once the doctor has all this information at hand, a course of treatment can be decided.

There are basically two types of cancer; high grade and low grade. High grade cancer is when the physician determines that there is a good chance of the cancer recurring. When this is the case, the physician will prescribe chemotherapy after breast cancer surgery in Reading, PA has been completed and the patient has healed.

When the cancer is caught in the early stages there are more options available to the doctor. It may not be necessary to consider breast surgery; it may be controllable with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The treatment all depends on whether the cancer has spread and if so, to where and by how much.

Conservative surgery:

Radical breast cancer surgery in Reading PA requires a complete mastectomy; the removal of the diseased breast. As more and more women are getting early diagnosis, the most common surgical procedure now is called conservative surgery. In this case only the diseased tissue is removed by the surgeon; great care is taken not to remove any more healthy tissue than is absolutely necessary. The healthy tissue that is spot removed is analyzed in the lab to make sure it is truly free from cancer. When the results come back and they are clean, the breast cancer surgery in Reading, PA can be classified as having been a success.

The surgeons at Spring Ridge Surgical Specialists perform breast cancer surgery.

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