The Time Needed to Get Cash for Your Equity in Fountain

Nobody has a crystal ball when it comes to determining home prices. Since the bottom of the housing bust, many homeowners in the Fountain area have not been able to sell their houses due to the home valuations being less than the outstanding balance on the mortgage. Today, housing prices have risen to the point where many homeowners like you can get cash for your equity in Fountain. There is no guarantee that prices will continue to rise or that prices will drop. Nobody really knows what the future will be. Those that want to get cash out of their homes should be able to sell relatively quickly.

The process for you to get cash for your equity in Fountain will take a few weeks or longer depending on how long it takes to sell your home and how long it takes to clear contingencies. A buyer has to be found in order to liquidate the equity in the home. A good real estate agent can be very helpful in getting cash for your equity in Fountain. This can be easy and quick. Finding a buyer can be very difficult as well. During the housing bust, it was very hard to find a buyer without dropping the price significantly. Many are not willing to buy when they feel their jobs are at risk. Today, housing prices are much higher. Buyers are more comfortable about their future employment prospects. So it is easier and quicker to find a buyer at a price that the seller can accept.

Once a buyer has been found, a couple of things have to happen before you can get cash for your equity in Fountain. The buyer has to clear all contingencies such as inspections and mortgage funding. Mortgage funding is difficult for some buyers, so the deal can fall apart due to the lender. The lender can delay the process. It can take two months or even more time to close. That is why a lot of sellers will take all-cash offers even though they may be quite a bit less than another offer that requires mortgage funding. Cash purchases can be completed very quickly. No appraisals are needed by a lender. Right now, there are a lot of cash buyers in the market so sellers could get a quick close. Choosing the right real estate agent to find cash buyers can help with getting cash quicker.

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