The Three Options New York City Men Consider When Going Bald

If you talk to men who are losing their hair, you realize that they see three options. One option is to preemptively shave off their head. They realize that nature is taking them in one direction. Instead of being a victim to what nature is doing, they are going to be proactive and go completely bald.

The second option is to try to go bald gracefully. For some, this means doing a “comb-over.” For others, it means keeping the sides as short as possible. There are some men who have been able to pull off this look successfully.

The third option is to take action and try to regrow or restore the hair that was lost. This is where an FUE hair transplant in New York City comes into play. A hair transplant is a procedure that could allow men to restore the growth of their hair in areas where the hair was lost. In times past there was some reluctance to use these forms of hair regrowth. People were concerned that the results would not look natural.

Advances in medicine and cosmetics have reached a point where hair restoration is possible in a natural way. If the individual who had the FUE hair transplant in New York City never told anyone about it, no one besides them and the doctor would ever know!

Feller & Bloxham Medical has more than 25 years of experience practicing surgical hair restoration and a proven track record of success and integrity. Visit the following website at to learn more.

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