The Signs of Problems with Water Heaters

If you have an issue with the heat of the water in your home, you will likely need a plumber. Many people don’t think of plumbers as the ones who deal with water heaters. However, they are the most reliable and knowledgeable on your particular situation. A heater is a fairly simple device, and the problems that arise fall into one of two categories: water problems or heater problems.

Water Problems

Water is pumped into a tank where it sits until used. A typical heater tank is about 50 gallons for a residential home. If you have a very large home or a large family, you might need a larger tank. If you routinely run out of hot water during morning showers or while washing dishes, you need a larger tank. Plumbers with experience in dealing with water heaters can recommend a larger size tank to help you.

You should visit the experts at Southern Plumbing Inc. to determine if you need a larger heater capacity. Additionally, they can help you if water is not being delivered quick enough. Such an issue might be due to the pipes coming out of the heater, for they could be too small or partially blocked. An experienced plumber can let you know if that’s the case.

Heater Problems

The other type of problem is a heater problem. Water is heated in the tank either by an electrical heating element at the bottom of the tank or an open natural gas flame. If the water is not hot, you should look to see if the heating element is actually turned on. With an electric heater, if it’s turned on but not working, you have an electrical issue. If the gas keeps extinguishing, you have a gas problem of some sort.

Whether it’s a water problem or a heater problem, you can trust a qualified plumber to remedy either situation. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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