The Sales Managers Playbook

There is a misconception that great managers are not made, they are born. It has pervaded so deeply into the system that these days most people believe that if you are not a great sales manager right off the bat, you probably never will be. However, the not-so-ugly truth happens to be quite different. While it is true that many good sales managers have a knack for the job, patience, experience, hard work and most importantly the right advice can help make anyone a good sales manager. With that in mind, here are some tips from the sales managers’ playbook that can help you succeed.

Never assume that being a sales manager will be easy right off the bat just because you were a good salesman. While the two do share certain common necessary traits, being a sales manager involves much more. So go into the job with an open mind and a willingness to learn, and only then can you succeed.

Focus on teamwork. Often there is a certain level of rivalry between individual team members, and thats a good thing. It spurs them on and makes them perform to the best of their abilities. However, if  the rivalry goes out of control, it can hurt the team more than help. You have to find that fine line and ensure the team stays on that track. If you have to err, err on the side of teamwork rather than rivalry.

As the team manager, you need to be able to not just motivate people with your words, but also your actions. Nothing makes salespeople lose respect for their manager more than the perception that he or she is a person who is all talk and no action. One way to counter that is to ride along with your team members when they do their rounds and help them meet their quota with direct action and advise.
Take a personal interest in your team members. That will make them feel like valued members of the team rather than cogs in a machine. Take them out for dinners or maybe drinks after work, sometimes as a group and sometimes individually. Make sure they know you are there for them, not just for work -related issues but also any personal problems they might want to share.

There is more to the sales managers’ playbook than just these points, however. A good sales management institute can provide you with the training and knowledge necessary to succeed in the current business environment, so sign up with one today.

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