You’ve got a safety problem? We’ve got a Strongarm solution

There are all sorts of obstacles that confront us and all we need is a safe and secure solution like Strongarm. It is reliable and extremely useful in opening doors, locks & bars, or iron gates effortlessly in critical period of mishaps/emergencies. You’d probably wish to know its tactical advantages and salient features.

Features that count on a rescue mission

With this tool, rescuers can simply say, ‘Hello trouble, here I am’, and move on, with a smooth sailing handy tool that does the job. One of the best solutions in the crowded market to tackle rescue operations is Strong-arm. It is a simple kit that comes with batteries, charger, and tips for combi and opening doors. One of the salient features is a solid grip that makes the equipment work swiftly which is an important factor in an emergency situation. It provides a breakthrough at the least possible time. It does not have any other accessories and is a standalone product.

Benefits make it a utility tool

Its benefits are equally important in removing complications in the way of salvaging a situation, for example opening doors, breaking lock, cutting car doors in road accident scenario etc. etc.

These include:

1. In cases of fire, the tool can be used easily as it is lightweight. If a door needs to be opened, it saves time and energy for the personnel to move on to the next line of action.

2. It has the universal rail for lighting.

3. It can be trusted to give 100% performance due to its casing for heat resistance.

4. The handle of tool with rotating feature provide grip to cut bars, rods, locks etc. etc.

5. Nearly 4-ton equipment can be moved with its usage.

6. The tool is capable of opening a locked door of a high-end automobile or a locker.

7. Works well with SCBA.

IDEX Fire & Safety provides high-quality LUKAS rescue tools for ensuring optimum help during times of critical need.

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