The Reason For Chimney Cleaning In Worthington, OH

In both our homes and our businesses we often need heat for a variety of purposes. Heat to keep us warm in winter; heat to cook our food; heat to provide hot water; heat as part of an industrial process; etc. In these domestic and commercial applications of heat, we are not yet living in a nuclear age and we have two basic choices when it comes to selecting our heat source:- electricity or we set something on fire. Electricity is usually delivered to us along a wire and someone else often burns something to make that electricity; but, that’s another storey. Here, we are concerned with what we burn in our premises in order to generate heat that we will put to some purpose or other.

Matter Can Not Be Destroyed

Burning is actually releasing energy (in the form of heat) that is stored in the fuel. The energy is released when the combination of atoms that make up the fuel are combined with oxygen from the air. The result is a mixture of gases (the smoke) and solids that cannot (or were not) totally burnt. Some of these solids remain as the ash while others are carried away as particles in the smoke.

The ash we have to physically remove from our burning place and dispose of it; for the gases, we simply vent them away through some sort of enclosure which we call the chimney (or smoke stack, or fluepipe; i.e. some sort of exhaust extraction system); where the gases go once they have been taken away from our premises is the question that worries environmentalists and those concerned over greenhouse gases and global warming.

Smoke Is Not Clean & Wholesome

Despite our best efforts to develop so called “green fuels”, the products of combustion contained in our smoke still contain “dirty” particles (soot) and gases that are neither healthy nor benign. The gas could be said to be someone else’s problem; even though it collects in the Earth’s atmosphere to become part of the air that we breathe.

The solid particles are very much our problem. Some of them have not been fully burnt and, if they reignite inside our chimney, we could be in big trouble. Over time, a considerable amount of solids will have collected within the chimney; enough to block the gas flow or collapse and fall back into the burning place. Therefore, it is essential that, for any type of chimney, we instigate a scheduled program of chimney cleaning in Worthington, OH.

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